What do…

…lacrosse, weight loss, and a crime boss have in common (besides the fact that they rhyme)? Randall Bonser has written about them all! Children’s books, ghost writing, business-to-business copy, and a forthcoming book about graphic novels; Randall carefully crafts the written word to go out and do good in the world!

If you are a teen, a parent of a teen, or a librarian recommending books to teens, you will want to check out my new book: Comics, Graphic Novels, and Manga: The Ultimate Teen Guide (you can order one by clicking on this link). The book is an invaluable guide for anyone who wants to

  • know about the history of comics
  • discover the relevance of super heroes to the American comics scene
  • find a good place to start with literary, historical or superhero comics, or
  • figure out how to produce your own comics.

Randall also teaches writing in his embarrassingly fun Creative Workshops 4 Kids, which include Story Writing, Ad Copy Writing, Poetry Writing, Journalism Writing, or Comics/Graphic Novel Creation (for older students).

Please contact Randall if you want to want to want a children’s book, customer testimonial, or book proposal written (or anything else…make my day). Or if you’re a teacher trying to find an engaging, fun author for a school visit/writing workshop.